Sample now a portion of the message delivered by Donald Clinebell on July 8, 2013 at St. Andrews by the Sea United Methodist Church, San Clemente, CA!   Blessings!

The Service Driven (R) Life: Discover the Joy!  (Part 1 of The Service Driven (R) Life sermon series.)

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Upcoming events and live appearances!  

The Service Driven Life Lecture/Sermon Series is now in full swing, to rave reviews!  (Sample reviews, below.)     

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Here is a sample of talks and workshops that will bring new insight and life to your next event…


Session 1  “The Power of Service!”   Suitable for all venues, this introductory presentation will energize, motivate and empower.   The power of service as the common thread of meaning in our lives on this planet, regardless of one’s faith or belief system.  The power that brings great meaning and joy beyond measure…      

 Session 2 “The Service Driven Life: Discover the Joy!”    Uplifting, empowering, motivational.   In lecture or sermon format, this session focuses on the question “why serve?”  Discover within the truly service driven life great joy,  joy beyond measure!  And begin to embrace that joy.

Session 3  “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Priorities”  Also available in lecture or sermon formatA primer on how to begin; how to find your path of service.    Motivational and empowering, this presentation is filled with concrete ways to begin and to learn how to serve in every part of your life:  Home and Family, Vocation, and Through Neighbor.”     

Session 4The Service Driven Life: Serve Through Home and Family!”  True service begins in the home.  This profound look at service through home and family is uplifting and empowering – and life-changing.   Learn to open the floodgates of love and forgiveness and, yes, of joy in the home and with family.   This session seeks to empower you and your family to serve others with new energy and passion – and with a profound love of self and a love of serving others.   Be astounded at the flow of love and compassion for those most precious to you, and for other human souls.  The shift that frees you to love others as the God of your understanding has loved you. 

Session 5 “The Service Driven Life: Serve Through Vocation!” Learn to serve through vocation; as a link in a miraculous chain.   No matter what you do for a living, everything can lead you to the experience of God’s love and your love for others.  Indeed everything you do is or can be a vessel for service;  a pathway to the profound meaning and joy that service brings to those who serve and to those who are served.   

Session 6  “Serve Neighbor as Neighbor: Go and Do Likewise!”   This uplifting session is devoted to learning to serve others outside of your home, just as the God of your understanding has loved you.  Learn to plant shades trees, literally and figuratively, under which you know full well you will never sit.  As your service to others blossoms and grows, so will your sense of meaning and the depth and completeness of your joy.

 Session 7 “Living with Meaning, Power & Joy:  Seven Ways to Know Where the God of Your Understanding Is Leading You to Serve!”  The last in the series, this practical session focuses you on staying “service-driven.”  Learn seven specific and practical ways, seven daily habits, not only to find your path of service, but also to keep you on the path of meaning, empowerment and joy without measure!  

Donald is available to speak for 25 minutes or full-day seminars and everything in between.


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In a powerful live lecture/sermon series,  Donald Clinebell explores The Service Driven (R) Life.    Several formats available, including sermon series, lecture and lecture/workshop format:  25 minute introductory sermon or lecture; one hour lecture;  three hour lecture; four hour lecture and meal;  half day seminar (3 1/2 hours of lecture, 1 hour of workshops);  full day seminar (4 hours of lecture, meal, and 2 hours of workshops).

Coming soon!  The Service Driven (TM) Life group study resources, including guide for congregational leaders and participant workbook.  Daily Meditations for The Service Driven (TM) Life.  For more information, contact the author at


A word about faith and spirituality:  The Service Driven Life book and lecture series is designed to inspire the power of service; to allow you to imagine “service driven” as that may blossom in your life. If you wish to consider the Christian perspective, that’s great.  That’s included in the book too.   Just know that the power of service is not limited to a Christian platform. Service as a way of living – as a commandment for living – is a part of every major religion and at the same time transcends every form of religion.  It is the common thread of meaning in our lives on this planet, as it is in true service organizations, in 12 step recovery programs, and in most spiritual disciplines and philosophies.   Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Islam, Hindu, New Age, agnostic or atheist, the power of service is for you.”


[quote]Happened to be in Capistrano Beach, California, and heard the fifth in the series:  “Go and Do Likewise!”   Awesome message, awesome and outstanding preacher!  Best I’ve ever heard, ordained or lay preacher.   Go see him!  You will be changed!”

— Jennine D.,  June 1, 2014, Seattle, Washington, USA[/quote]      

[quote]Best public speaker I’ve ever heard. Period.

— Frank J., November 10, 2011[/quote]

[quote]Made me laugh, made me cry. Powerful message!  Terrific speaker!”

— Deborah H., February, 2010[/quote]

[quote]Best master of ceremonies I’ve ever heard, hands down. His preparation, his control of the room, his presentation were all tops. Witty, informational, to the point; wove the evening together brilliantly. And oh that voice! How often is the master of ceremonies the highlight of the evening!”
— Bonnie M., Rotarian, June, 2009[/quote]

[quote]I learned so much. Thank you! There aren’t enough superlatives for this presentation. Riveting, moving, life-changing.”
— John M.,  March 3, 2010[/quote]