The Service Driven SM Life is an amazing book! Donald’s passion, keen intellect, and excellent writing style make this a ‘must-read.’ Excellent for group study, too.

—Rev. Dr. James King, Rel.D, Claremont School of Theology; United Methodist Minister (Ret.), 40 years; Instructor in Sociology and Marriage and Family (Ret.), California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

I wanted to thank you again for our leadership and visioning retreat on Saturday. It exceeded my wildest dreams. Those who attended couldn’t stop talking about it. The combination of what service is all about really hit home, and the leadership portion along with the breakouts were nothing short of amazing!

We have now appointed a leadership committee to discuss the input received and the action items with which we emerged. When I first discussed with you this this half-day retreat, I had no idea as to how meaningful it would be and how powerful for our leadership going forward. Thank you! Thank you!

—Jim Colitz, president, Mission Viejo Rotary Club, Mission Viejo, California

I learned so much. Thank you! There aren’t enough superlatives for this presentation. Riveting, moving, life-changing.

—John M., San Clemente, California

Best public speaker I’ve ever heard. Period.

—Frank J., Los Angeles, California

Extraordinary Living is ground-breaking and life-changing; the secret to a rich and significant life. An instant classic. A must read for every parent and every teen.

Mike Darnold, Rotary International, Past Governor

Donald Clinebell has given us a truly uplifting work that should be read by all who desire to create a unified and highly motivated workforce focused on their organization’s success. The Service Driven Leader provides a guide on how leaders who serve and care for others will create a culture that will empower and energize employees to help stimulate continuous improvement while increasing profit.

—Alan Adamo, Former Corporate Vice President of Human Resources, Fluidmaster, Organizational Development Instructor, University of California, Irvine

Thanks, Donald, for your amazing leadership seminar with us. In one half day, we were energized, inspired, and changed forever. This is not hyperbole. The change in the engagement of our leadership, and increasingly now our employees, has been a joy to watch. And not bad for the bottom line! Can’t thank you enough!

—Mary Jean J., president of a software development company, San Clemente, California

Best I’ve ever heard, hands down. His preparation, his control of the room, his presentation were all tops. Witty, informational, to the point; wove the evening together brilliantly.

—Bonnie M., Rotarian, Los Angeles, California