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The Service Driven Leader:
Chart a Course to Greatness!

This keynote topic is based upon Donald Clinebell’s latest book of the same name. In addition to an introduction to his ground-breaking principles of being “Service Driven” – the 7 Keys to Success in servant leadership – this presentation addresses powerfully the key that truly opens the door to greatness in leadership in every venue—public or private, profit or non-profit. Practical yet inspirational, hear Donald Clinebell’s amazing service-driven story, and be changed and renewed!

This presentation sells out everywhere Clinebell appears and presents.

Duration: 45 minutes, keynote address; 25 minutes, regular

The Power of Service:
Extraordinary Living

This presentation is based upon Donald’s much-loved second book, Extraordinary Living. The cover endorsement for that book is from Mike Darnold, Rotary International Past District Governor. Presented on a values-based platform, Clinebell looks at the power of service to change and renew those we serve – and the power of service to change and renew and empower … us.

Ground-breaking and life-changing; the secret to a rich and significant life. An instant classic. – Mike Darnold, Rotary International Past District Governor

Duration: 35 minutes, keynote address; 25 minutes, regular

The Power of Service:
Find Your Why

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“Find Your WHY” is a very popular “Donald Talk” that is available in two formats. The first is for companies and private sector leaders. The second is for service clubs and non-profits, titled “Find Your [Club] WHY”. This topic will help your company or service club understand and embrace the power of service. Many men and women who listen to this short talk from Donald Clinebell find themselves changed, renewed and empowered, and on the path toward purpose, meaning, joy, fulfillment, productivity and peace.

Duration: 20 minutes

The Service Driven Leadership

Rotary Club of Long Beach 3-2022

This powerful two-part series is available in a 2-hour seminar format and a 4-hour (half day) interactive retreat. Part I of the series is titled: The Power of Service. Part II is titled: Leadership Meets the Power of Service. You also have the option to request private coaching for key members of your leadership team — for an exciting and empowering full day retreat. Another option is a week-long engagement to empower your business/organization with truly service driven leadership and, thus, increased productivity. What happens when leadership meets the power of service? Nothing short of greatness!

Duration: 2-4 hours for seminars or half-day retreats; additional options described above

Additional Speaking Topics

first slide of SDL  Serve through vocation

Donald Clinebell on The Power of Service

This introductory presentation will energize, motivate and empower. It emphasizes the power of service as the common thread of meaning in our lives on this planet regardless of one’s faith or belief system, the power that brings great meaning and joy beyond measure.

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The Service DrivenSM Life: Discover the Joy

In lecture or sermon format, this session focuses on the question “Why serve?” We discover that within the truly service driven life is great joy— joy beyond measure—and we begin to embrace that joy.

Listen to sermon version: “Discover the Joy”


Change Your Thinking, Change Your Priorities

Also available in lecture or sermon format, this presentation is a primer on how to begin, how to find your path of service. Motivational and empowering, it’s filled with concrete ways to learn how to serve in every part of our lives: home and family, vocation, and neighbor.


The Service DrivenSM Life: Serve Through Home and Family

Learn to open the floodgates of love, forgiveness and joy in your home and with your family. This session will empower you and your family to serve others with new energy and passion—and with a profound love of both self and serving. Be astounded at the flow of love and compassion for those most precious to you and for other human souls. Experience the shift that frees you to love others as the God of your understanding has loved you.


The Service DrivenSM Life: Serve Through Vocation

Learn to serve on the job as a link in a miraculous chain. No matter what you do for a living, everything can lead you to the experience of God’s love and your love for others. Indeed everything you do either is or can be a vessel for service, a pathway to the profound meaning and joy that service brings to those who serve.


Serve Neighbor as Neighbor: Go and Do Likewise

This uplifting session is devoted to learning to serve others outside of your home, just as the God of your understanding has loved you. Learn to plant literal and figurative shade trees under which you know full well you will never sit. As your service to others blossoms and grows, so does your sense of meaning and the depth and completeness of your joy.


An Introduction to Servant Leadership; 7 Keys to Success as a Service Driven Leader

This exciting and dynamic 25 minute primer on servant leadership is presented by one of the foremost thought leaders in servant leadership, Donald Clinebell. (No substitute speakers; Donald Clinebell in person.) Learn the 7 keys to success as a service driven leader; secrets that can change the face of your business or organization, accelerate performance and ensure its enduring success!

Check out these 30sec-3minute videos to inspire your heart for service!

7th Inning Stretch

Power of Service: Community Service That Changes Lives!” This 20–25-minute speech addresses the multiple award-winning middle School Mentoring and Tutoring Program for at risk kids. Founded by Donald Clinebell in 1995 — with a model years before its time — the program now has 25 such program chapters and is sponsored by Rotary Clubs and other service Clubs around the world. Rotary International has called this a “model youth program.”

Be moved and inspired with heart-warming success stories and lives changed — the lives of the kids; the lives of the parents/caregivers; and, yes, the lives of the Rotary mentors and tutors! Learn how to start the program in your community, your school District, public or private.

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