Inspire Your Rotary Members to
Service Driven Leadership

Donald Clinebell has been a Rotarian for over 30 years, and had tremendous impact with Rotary on both a local and national level. He has led Leadership and Visioning Retreats and delivered many keynote addresses throughout his time with the Club.

Donald is in great demand as a Rotary speaker, trainer and coach. He is a frequent keynote speaker and trainer at Presidents Elect Training Seminars (PETS), at Rotary District Conferences, joint Rotary Club events and joint Rotary District events.

For 15 years (from 1997 through 2012), Donald spoke and taught at Rotary International’s annual SoCal-Nevada (now Southwest) PETS. During that time, Donald helped train more than 7,500 incoming Rotary Presidents. His work at PETS was consistently received with fantastic praise and evaluations. Throughout his tenure at SoCal PETS, he was the highest rated Presenter/Trainer. In Feb. 2022, Donald delivered to rave reviews the Friday night Keynote Address at Southwest PETS, titled The Service Driven President, at Southwest PETS.

Donald Clinebell has the passion, energy and expertise to help your club dive into service-driven living.

Many Rotary and other service Clubs have taken advantage of a Saturday morning Service Driven Leadership & Visioning retreat, customized for each individual club, with Donald spending an entire morning with the Club personally (not an associate or hired speaker or facilitator). You will engage in visioning, goal setting, and drafting of specific Action Items with “dates complete” with Donald’s wise guidance.

Each Rotary member who attends will receive a FREE copy of  The Service Driven Leader Rotary Supplement – which is intended for use with Donald’s latest book, The Service Driven Leader.

Once all of your members understand the SEVEN keys to Service Driven Leadership, they will be able to accelerate performance, move the bottom line of success forward and ensure enduring success, for your Club and in their businesses.

Service Options for Rotary and Other Service Clubs

Full Day Retreat: $2500
Half Day Retreat: $1750
Donald Clinebell will personally spend this time with your club and customize a personal Leadership & Visioning Retreat for your specific club.

1. Minimum book purchase of one book per Club Member (The Service Driven Leader, by Donald Clinebell).
2. If the venue is outside Southern California USA, we ask that you cover travel and accommodation expenses for Mr. Clinebell)

Keynote Speaker: Invite Donald to come speak at your next major event or gathering! As an in-demand speaker at Rotary Clubs across the nation, Donald offers the following topics:

1. The Service Driven Leader: Charting a Course to Greatness; 2. The Power of Service: Find Your Rotary Why; 3. Extraordinary Living: The Power of Service; 4. Community Service That Changes Lives: Mentoring and Tutoring At-Risk Kids.

  • Audiences below 250: FREE (minimum book purchase of one per member of The Service Driven Leader)  
  • Audiences 250 and above: FREE (we humbly ask that you cover travel and accommodation expenses and agree to a minimum book purchase of one per member of The Service Driven Leader)

One-On-One Coaching: Private Rotary leadership coaching is available and extremely efficient, effective and affordable.

Often a brief free-of-charge consultation with Donald will provide a clear roadmap on how to proceed “service driven.” The beauty of this option is that one Service Driven Leader can change an organization – including your Rotary Club – from the inside out and carry it to greatness!

The Service Driven Leader

Change the face of your organization, accelerate performance and ensure its enduring success.

As a leader, you want to make those around you better. The strategies shared in The Service Driven™ Leader will give you both the motivation and the practical direction you need to:

  • Become a standout organization in your local community
  • Create a culture of engagement where club members and team leaders look forward to making a difference
  • Discover how “doing the right thing” can bring you great fulfillment

“If you want to build a boat, don’t begin by collecting wood, cutting boards, or assigning tasks. Begin by awakening in the souls of your workers a longing for the vast and boundless sea.”

--Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Discover the 7 keys to success as a Service Driven Leader; secrets that can revolutionize your Club in much the same way that embracing the power of service has transformed a multitude of businesses and individual lives.

The time to begin is now!

Embrace the heart of service in the way that fits you best:

Our books show life through the power of service, living the extraordinary, and service through leadership. If you want to achieve happiness and lead a successful and fulfilling life, here are some tools to help guide you though your journey.

The time to begin is now! Peace be with you…