May we all experience the meaning and joy of true service.
January 8, 2016

Help me, this day, to know the joy of service.

We all want an extraordinary life, but finding that extraordinary place  may take us to a surprising place.  Are we truly willing to seek and find how to serve?  Are we willing to serve others in every part of our lives — at home and in family, in vocation and with neighbor?

— Preface, Extraordinary Living

So what do you do when day breaks tomorrow morning and you’d rather not put your feet on the floor to face another day?  If life has lost its day to day joy for you, I invite you to discover the power of service.   Discover the keys to an extraordinary life, a life that matters, that makes a difference.  Embrace the heart of service in the way that fits you best:  My first book, The Service Driven Life (includes Christian terminology and teaching) or the second in the service driven series:  Extraordinary Living (the power of service in values based spirituality).  Extraordinary Living will be available in both e-book and hard copy on March 16, 2016.   If you’d like to be notified via e-mail, with no obligation, when the book is released, e-mail me at

As I write this blog, I think of joy.  The joy that is built into service.  The absence of joy in my life is what brought me over time to seek a service driven life.  Joy was all around me, it was right in front of me, but I could neither see it nor find it.  Read the stories of service that follow the chapters of The Service Driven Life.  Read the Stories of Joy in the chapter by that name in Extraordinary Living.  When I serve others – in home and family, at work, with neighbor — I am changed, I am renewed.  Do you see in the picture accompanying this blog that the father is serving through home and family?  Do you see the joy in the father (in the daughter too) in the picture?  If not, look at the picture again, pause in the stillness.   It’s all there, to be felt and seen.  You see, when we serve, we are the true beneficiaries; empowered in fulfillment, meaning, and great joy!  Empowered in extraordinary living…


Donald Clinebell, San Clemente, California, USA

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