Faith and Service go hand-in-hand

Donald Clinebell, Certified Lay Preacher and United Methodist Lay Minister, author of The Service Driven Life, has a deep passion for helping people experience the power of service. He has helped many pastors and many churches re-energize and re-focus, bringing purpose, meaning and great joy to those in ministry and to churches themselves. These are challenging times in the life of denominational churches, indeed in the life of all churches. Donald can help, bringing energy, inspiration, renewal – through his powerful books, his powerful preaching, and his own deep faith. Donald can help, with Book Study, and through his dynamic and life-changing preaching.


Invite Donald to preach, speak, or lead a book study.

Listen to these sermons to inspire your heart for service!

The Service DrivenSM Life: Discover the Joy

In lecture or sermon format, this session focuses on the question “Why serve?” We discover that within the truly service driven life is great joy— joy beyond measure—and we begin to embrace that joy.

Listen to sermon version: “Discover the Joy”

Serve Neighbor as Neighbor: Go and Do Likewise

This uplifting session is devoted to learning to serve others outside of your home, just as the God of your understanding has loved you. Learn to plant literal and figurative shade trees under which you know full well you will never sit. As your service to others blossoms and grows, so does your sense of meaning and the depth and completeness of your joy.

Listen to sermon version: “Go and Do Likewise”

The Service Driven Life

The only ones among you who will be truly happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.” – Albert Schweitzer

You’ve tried it all: therapy, self-help books, classes, yet nothing seems to work. You’re still searching for a more fulfilling life that radiates true meaning and joy.

The Service Driven Life shows you the power of service!  How to find your own personal path to meaning, empowerment and great joy, through service to others. It’s what we’re made for!  Find your own way of service, in every part of your life! Service through home and family, through vocation, and through “neighbor.” But beware! You may discover God tugging tug at your heart, changing you in quite wonderful and unexpected ways!

The time to begin is now! Peace be with you…