“In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

– Albert Camus

This wonderful quotation from Albert Camus, French philosopher and author (1913-1960), reminds me of the story of Janet.   Here is that story:

Janet in her own words:     “I believed I was nothing, worthless. My head told me exactly that and, boy, did I believe it for years—no for decades. In my 30’s, I was divorced, childless, feeling caught in a job I hated. Caught in an existence without meaning. I was severely depressed and sometimes suicidal.

                “One day, I was invited to participate in a food and toy drive for a local charity. The same invitation had been given me several years running. I had consistently said “no.”   For some reason, this time, I said “yes.” And I got to work, recruiting volunteers and organizing. We served many families.

                “I saw tears in the eyes of those we served; I saw humility, gratefulness, joy in a mother and her small children in my own town – my own state and country — who did not know from where the next meal was coming. After the drive was over, I realized that I had seen something else. In those I served, I had seen the face of power much greater than myself – a Higher Power, if you will – and suddenly I knew it. It scared me at first, but it also gave me the quiet comfort of a Higher Power moving in my life. In my life! Extraordinary! I was driven to agree to Chair the next food drive and to grow the project.

“Over time, and with help from a power greater than myself, I began to learn about love and compassion for others – and for myself. As I learned, and as my thinking changed, I found myself alive with love and compassion for others; filled with a purpose and filled with a joy that filled me up every day; a joy I could never have imagined!”

 My friends, Janet discovered the power of service, and extraordinary living.  This changes everything!


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