Are you ready to make a lasting impact on the life of a young person?

Here is a service project that pays HUGE dividends – not just for the ones you serve but in your own heart and life!

7th Inning Stretch Middle School Mentoring and Tutoring Program for kids at risk.

In your community there are hundreds of kids between the ages of 12-14, one of the most critical and challenging ages of development. These are Middle School aged children who are in desperate need of a mentor;

• Someone they can look up to
• Someone who can help them find their identity and purpose
• Someone willing to invest a small amount of their time and experience to make a lifetime of difference in their life!

All it takes is about 2 hours of your time on a regular basis!

The program is currently being operated successfully in 24 communities. To start the award winning 7th Inning Stretch program** in your community is easier than you think!

  ** Winner of the State of California Department of Education Golden Bell Award (for innovation in community-based school programs) (1999); State of California Vision 20/20 Award (2001); District 5320 Best New Community Service Program (1995-96); multiple Rotary District-wide awards (1996-2012); Nominated for President of the United States National Community Service Award (finalist, 2000); selected by Rotary International as one of two “model” youth programs world-wide; promoted by R.I. to every Rotary Club (more than 32,000) world-wide (1997 & 2005).  

How it got started:

In 1995, I took a look around me, and found in my community a sea of kids at risk. Not much was being done about it. Some thinking outside the box followed. What would happen, I asked, if we put men and women of character, commitment, consistency, career…and service…around middle school kids at risk? At the time, we did not know what would happen. Twenty-two years later we have the empirical evidence: we have the stories of joy, the miracles that happen every day in 7th Inning Stretch mentoring and tutoring programs around the world.

Why it works:

The heart of the program is mentoring. The kids come from severely dysfunctional homes — they show various levels of high absenteeism, low reading skills, low grades, frequent disciplinary problems, tendency toward gang activity (yes, in the 6th and 7th grades!). The 7th Inning mentors make a difference in the lives of these kids, one child at a time. And who is changed? This is community service that changes lives — the lives of the kids, the lives of the parents/caregivers, and yes, the live of the mentors/tutors!

What does it cost:

Your cost may vary depending upon your location and how big a program you envision. 7th Inning Stretch programs can begin with just one person willing to step up and make a difference as well as involve dozens of men and women willing to participate.

The largest investment is really just your time. No cash donation is required or requested of any of the mentors and tutors. The annual budget you establish covers whatever is needed beyond donations. This can be as low as a few hundred dollars or represent several thousands of dollars, depending upon the size of the program you envision. There are no administrative costs, salary, or compensation costs in any of the programs.

Your next step:

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